The Working Group for Archiving and Documentation of History of Forced Migration is affiliated with the International Association for the Study of Forced Migration. The purpose of this Working Group will be to serve as a focal point for members of the IASFM interested and/or working in within the fields of forced migration archives e.g. documentation, preservation and researching the history of forced migration. The Working Group seeks to document and preserve original history of forced migration at both national and international level. We would like to generate new partnerships and networking opportunities for developing forced migration archives and for helping with the creation of knowledge on, and the collection, documentation and preservation of forced migration history.

We recognise that there is a need to work on how knowledge in the field of forced migration is created/ produced and maintained. Our aim for this Working Group, therefore, will be to bring together researcher, academics, librarians, archivists, activists, advocates (i.e. NGOs, charities and community groups) who are either interested in the history of forced migration and related fields, or are interested in the care and preservation of the archival and library collections that help to preserve the often hidden voices of the migration journey.

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Our Working Group is always looking for activists and researchers to get involved, please email us for further details.

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