Zine Workshop: International Recipes and Migration Stories

Zine Workshop
International Recipes and Migration Stories
This interactive presentation showcases a series of international zine workshops and proposes that this type of workshop can be an effective intercultural community building exercise. 

July 26, 2018
Location: University of Macedonia Gym
Time: 13:00 – 15:00 

Workshop organizers
Mariana Smith
Stockton University; USA
Elizabeth Gerdeman
Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig; Germany
Michael Hahn
Museum of Contemporary Art, Leipzig, Germany

“Zine” gets the name from an abbreviation of “magazine”, and refers to the “self-publications, motivated by a desire for self-expression, not for profit”.

Workshop participants come together to challenge the preconceived image of the threatening refugee, entrepreneurial or victimized aliens or indifferent local community, to emphasize that that indifference in the face of the refugee crisis is a challenge to our very sense of humanity. 

Because it does not require any previous art expertise, this particular workshop is less about art making. Instead, it aims to establish a creative communication platform. 
Several Zine workshops were held in 2017 in universities and community centers in the USA and in Germany. These events created a friendly collaborative space where international conference participants, students, academics, and local refugee community members used recipes and images based on cuisines from different cultures to construct a series of Zines: small, hand-assembled books.

The presentation will address the participant feedback, the best format for the Academic Setting and the Community Center workshops. The lecture will be supplemented by the hands on zine construction and the information package with instructions for conducting own zine workshops.

The number of participants is limited and the order will be kept.
Please send an email of interest to elasideri@gmail.com