IASFM 17 – 1st Day: Tuesday, July 24, 2018 

Opening Ceremony – Welcome Speech: Professor Effie Voutira, University of Macedonia

Keynote lecture: “The Hospitality of Abraham: Optimism and Resilience in the Greek Reception of Refugees” by Professor Renée Hirschon Philippakis, University of Oxford 

Documentary Film Screening “Barbara Harrell-Bond: A Life not Ordinary” (Written by Katarzyna Grabska and Enrico Falzetti, Produced by Katarzyna Grabska in collaboration with AMERA Int.)


Panel: “The Path Toward Global Refugee Legal Aid: A discussion in honor and memory of Barbara Harrell-Bond”, Chair: Michael Kagan, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Danai Papachristopoulou, HIAS Greece; Chris Dolan, Refugee Law Project; Martin Jones, University of York