The International Association for the Study of Forced Migration (IASFM) is an independent, self-governing community of scholars and practitioners who are concerned about understanding forced migration and about improving the formulation of policies and administration of programs dealing with refugees and other displaced persons. The membership forms an open collegial community, receptive to meeting with and learning from others.

IASFM is not simply an academic organization. Our deliberations and exchanges also seek to shape global debates, policies, and programs, through the inclusion of practitioners and policy-makers. We are truly international in scope, membership, and leadership. The membership of IASFM is committed to working in areas of the world where forced migration is a pressing concern, interacting with people in different world regions, and learning from (and teaching) each other.

The goals of the Association are:

  • To promote and increase scientific knowledge of forced migration;
  • To advance the understanding of appropriate and effective practice concerning forced migration;
  • To facilitate networking and better communication among those involved with refugee and other forced migrant issues;
  • To disseminate scholarly and practical information concerning forced migration.


The major means by which IASFM seeks to advance its goals is through biennial international conferences. These conferences have been held under IASFM auspices since 1996. IASFM conferences provide an interdisciplinary forum for intellectual exchange and communication between academics, researchers, practitioners and policy-makers. 

IASFM conferences are built on four earlier meetings of IASFM’s predecessor body, The International Research and Advisory Panel (IRAP). Those four meetings were organized by the Refugee Studies Programme at the University of Oxford. The fifth IRAP was effectively the first IASFM conference, but the association chose to keep the numbering reflecting its IRAP past. This 5th conference was held in April 1996 at the Centre for Refugee Studies, Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya.

For more information about past and future conferences please visit the Conference page.


As a special benefit to members, the Association has negotiated a reduced rate for members (25% discount) for the Journal of Refugee Studies, as well as for the combined subscription which includes that journal and the International Journal of Refugee Law and the Refugee Survey Quarterly. All of these journals are published by Oxford University Press.

IASFM members also receive a discount on the journal International Migration, published by Blackwell.


Membership is open to all who subscribe to the objects and statutes of the Association, subject to the payment of annual dues. Given the concern that programmes and policies concerning refugees and other forcibly uprooted people are rarely made with their participation, the Association strongly encourages membership of persons who have had such experience, and encourages all members to adopt methods and policies which involve the consultation of those affected by forced migration.

Membership covers the following benefits:

The Association has established an International Secretariat thanks to the generosity of the Andrew W Mellon Foundation. The Association is seeking to build up a strong membership base from which to launch its activities. You can help to build our organization by downloading and returning the membership form. According to the decision of the General Meeting of Members on September 30, 2002, from February 2003 a new membership fee structure has been in effect which differentiates membership fees payable according to the country of origin/residence.

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Membership Fees Schedule

Membership fees are charged for two-year periods.

Membership fees

Regular dues, two years CAD$106 (US$80)— OECD and high income non-OECD countries
Reduced dues, two years CAD$53 (US$40)— Non-OECD countries and students

PLEASE NOTE: If you are attending an upcoming IASFM conference, membership is automatically included in the registration fee (so you don’t have to pay membership dues here). If you are not going to attend an IASFM conference, but still would like to be a member, then please go ahead and pay online from this page.

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