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TOR for the IASFM Working Group on Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)

Coordinators: Danesh Jayatilaka and Tamlyn Monson

Founding members:

Elizabeth Ferris, Brookings Institute USA

Robert Muggah, SAS Geneva

Amrita Lamba, JNU India

Rajith Lakshman, Colombo University, Sri Lanka

K.Amirthalingam, Colombo University, Sri Lanka

Catherine Brun, NTNU, Norway

Jeff Crisp, UNHCR

Shi Guoqing, NRCR China

Zhou Jian, NRCR China

Purpose: The WG serves as a focal point for members of the IASFM working on and interested in internal-displacement.

Activities: The WG will organize at least one panel / series of panels on a topic related to internal displacement at the next IASFM conference. The members of the WG will share information on displacement related research findings; share details on funding; promote collaborations and partnerships; encourage advocacy activities including workshops and publications; and provide feedback to each other concerning working papers and work in progress. The coordinators for the group will maintain records of the activities as they take place.

Reporting: The coordinators of the WG will report on a biannual basis to the Executive Committee on the activities of the WG.

Sustainability: The functioning of the WG remains the responsibility of the coordinators and the membership. IASFM will provide publicity in the website and circulate official notices, and give advice. The group is encouraged to generate its own resources if/when such are necessary, whereas IASFM would assist with contacts and recommendations for the initiatives. Pending IASFM’s financial standing and the performance of the WG, some funding could be made available along the way.

Membership: Members of IASFM may join the WG.  Non-members of IASFM may join the WG but must take out membership in IASFM no later than the end of the next conference of the Association. For further information interested individuals can contact Danesh Jayatilaka ( and Tamlyn Monson (