Knowledge’s Co-Production in Forced Migration

Coordinator: Wooldy Edson Louidor,
Co-Coordinator: Maria Fernandez,

Other members:
Carolina Hurtado (IASFM):
Myriam Alba Zapata Jiménez (IASFM):
Hafsa Afailal (IASFM):
Claudia Viviana Diaz Garcia(IASFM):
  Stéphanie López Villamil:

General Objective:
The objective of this Working Group is to serve as a focal point for members of the IASFM, particularly early-career professionals from the global South, researchers and practitioners interested in creating proposals around how to improve the relationship between academia and innovative empirical work for the co-production of knowledge in forced migration.
This is an initiative from a group of members of IASFM who participated in the 16th Conference in Poland, aiming at creating a global meeting space for dialogue and reflection on knowledge’s co-production in forced migration.

Specific objectives include:

  1. Establishing, together with other researchers and practitioners from the global South, a network of early-career professionals on the co-production of knowledge in forced migration;
  2. Producing two case studies in Colombia and Turkey, on projects or concrete practices of co-production between academia and practitioners, with the goal of identifying lessons learned, achievements and failures;
  3. Organizing a panel on this subject for IASFM’s 17th Conference organized in Greece for 2018.


  • Create a network of professionals interested or working within the fields of knowledge’s co-production in forced migration, in order to connect researchers and practitioners in forced migration and share information on this issue.
  • Carry out two case studies in Colombia and Turkey on knowledge’s coproduction in forced migration, with the goal of identifying lessons learned, achievements and failures, comparing and exchanging experiences from both countries.
  • Organize a panel on the methodological exchange of experiences in knowledge’s co-production in forced migration with a perspective from the global South at the next IASFM Conference in Greece in 2018.

This Working Group will adopt efficient work methods, such as bi-monthly Skype meetings among the group members to design and share the progress achieved in the case studies, promoting and sharing information on social media on the issue of knowledge’s co-production, while preparing the work for the panel on this subject for the next IASFM Conference in Greece.

The coordinators of the group will maintain records of the activities and minutes of the meetings, as they take place.